BRICK was seized in a neglect case and brought to us. He was emaciated and had lived his entire life on heavy chains. Brick was adopted, and never has to worry about going hungry or carrying around the awful chains again!



NOBLE was pulled from a high kill shelter extremely emaciated, as you could count every rib and bone. We put him with a wonderful foster family, who helped nurse him back to health and realized they couldn't imagine their lives without him!!! We are so happy for you Noble!                       


 Sweet HOPE was brought in by animal control. When first spotted they actually thought she was dead. With the right medical care and lots of love, sweet Hope not only beat all the odds but was adopted to her foster family! Hope will never have to worry about being mistreated again!


PHOEBE is an older girl who was pulled from a high kill shelter. When pulled, Phoebe had trouble walking from hip issues, and was in obvious pain. Now, she is a happy healthy girl who was adopted by a local boarding facility. Phoebe earned herself the title of "Supervisor of play"!


Bijou was run over by his owner and left to suffer. Thankfully, we were able to take him into our care and now not only has he been adopted by a wonderful family, but he is on his way to becoming a certified therapy dog! Way to go Bijou!